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Excellence Combact

Cafitese. More than great coffee

The easiet way to brew quality coffee varietes in cups. High variety machine thanks to an optional instant canisher. The best solution for small business

Possible ingredients: Cafitesse, Cafe Milk 
 Optional: Instant chaco, Milk, Decaf, Tea
Possible variations:

Black Coffee, Cafe Creme, Espresso, Cappucino, Latte Machiato, Coffee with milk, Hot milk, Tea 
Optional: Hot Chocolate, Wiener Melange, Decaf

Pack Sizes: Coffee: 1.25L, Milk:0.75L 
Cacao Blue: 1kg
Dispenser Speed Black Coffee: 10 sec/cup , 90 sec/pot(0.9L)
Dimensions in min (HxWxD): 560x386x420
Weight: 22kg
Hour Capacity: 104 / cup
Water Connection: Fixed or Tank (3L)
Electricity: 230V


Barista One Description

Enjoying Together!

Swiss-made espresso machine that allows you to create the most amazing coffees and milk-based varietes, whatever you are and whenever you want. Barista ONE enables you to transform the coffee corner into your own espresso bar.

Possible ingredients: Cafitesse, Milk 
Possible variations:

Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Machiato, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte,Latte Macchiato, Flot White, Hot Chocolate, Choccocino, Milk, Milk foam, Hot Water

Content Ingredients: 1.3 kg/coffee beans , 10 Litres milk
Dispenser Speed Black Coffee:
Dipenser Speed Cappuccino:
30 sec/cup
Dimensions in min (HxWxD): 810x600x525
Weight: 25kg
Hour Capacity: 100 / cup
Water Connection: Fixed or Tank (3L)
Electricity: 230V


L' or Promesso  Description

Coffee with everything, except compromises!

With Promesso you can finally experirence a coffee system that is a tasteful and stylish as it is reliable. It offers you the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine So why compromises?

Possible variations: Ristretto, Espresso, Doppio Epsresso, Lungo, Machchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Cafe au lait, Hot Water
Pack Sizes:

Coffee: 1.4L Milk: 1.4L

Dispense speed Black Coffee: 10 sec/cup , 90 sec/pot (0.9L)
Dimensions in min (HxWxD): 480x450x430
Weight:  24.1 kg
Hour Capacity: 130/ cup
Water Connection: Tank (optional)(2L)
Electricity: 230V


L' or Lucente Pro  Description

Why serve anything less than Gold!

A small Professional capsule machine. The machine has an Italian design and is optimized for the use of L'OR coffee capsules. Suitable for small business, shops and meeting rooms.

Possible variations: Cafe creme, Epsresso, Ristretto
Automatic Stwich Off:


Coffee Type: Capsules
Pump Pressure (maximum) 19bar
Dimenssions in min (HxWxD):  370x160x370
Weight: 6kg
Hour Capacity: 140/cup
Water Level Indicator: Yes
Water Connection: Tank (3L)
Electricity: 230V